DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE 2019 Mr Biodun Kolawole

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DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE 2019 Mr Biodun Kolawole
Likely questions for Doing the Impossible 2019 Interview
We are glad beyond boundaries for making out time out of your busy schedule to grant this interview. This is a signal to us and we hope to stay grateful forever.
1. Can we meet you? (we expect you to introduce yourself as able to do the impossible to your given audience, see below for audience specifications)
2. Why did you choose capacity development in education line?
3. Could you identify what ought to be done that are left behind in Nigerian Education system that brought the country to this present situation?
4. You started your career without having an international sponsor. How easy?
5. What really changed about you and your background that kept you doing the impossible.
6. What are your simple secrets to DOING THE IMPOSSIBLEs in this massive mentorship career? (please sell yourself, I wish I can do this for you)
7. What is the hardest truth you have for everyone viewing you right now about doing the impossible?
8. How possible is doing the impossible in your field and what are the newest impossible? (what are the areas in this field that others can look into as career)
Thanks. Any other question asked outside these can only be for clarity purpose and we may not follow this numerical sequence.
Audience Specification
From the range of study and future focus, our audience possess the following characteristics
1. Teachers who want to learn
2. Student who want to become a better teacher
3. Random Youtuber who click anything that look good
Ones again, thank you.
Duration of Interview: 15 to 30 minutes

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